Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Look on Etsy & Ice Cream Shop Toys

Today I am working on a new look for my Etsy shop with some tips that I got. What do you think I should change to make my shop look better?

Today, my daughter was looking through the toy catalog and wanting to buy a toy ice cream shop. Well, we didn't buy it but we made the toys. I sewed some small scoops of ice cream in different colors and flavors. Pink for strawberry, blue for blueberry, a printed fabric for a scoop with sprinkles on top, a dark red for raspberry, white for vanilla, and yellow for banana. I also cut up an empty water jug, rolled it like a cone, punched holes in it and sewed it with yarn to make toy ice cream cones to put the fabric scoops in. We got our ice cream scooper from the kitchen and had a fun day playing ice cream shop all day long. We will be playing ice cream shop for many weeks to come.


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