Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Work on background

On Tuesday, I worked on the background. I was able to finish painting the lace circles on left side. I used three colors, the red, pink and purple to make variations of value in the lace. I also had enough time to draw the lace circles with my pen on the right side. After I finished drawing all the lace on the right I noticed that I had drawn the circles much smaller in scale on that side than on the other. It's funny how things can turn out so different when you work on a painting from one day to the next. When I had drawn the left side lace, I was in a big hurry so the circles got a little big, than on Monday I was much calmer and not so rushed so the drawning was smaller and more detailed. When I was younger, I liked to try to finish a painting in one day so that the painting and drawing would be more uniform in treatment.

The girls were very helpful while I was painting. I put on some of their favorite music and they sang and danced while I painted. My youngest, 2 year old, even put on a performance of her interpretation of a guitar player. She sat in her little chair with the kitchen broom as her instrument. It was so precious how she was moving her little fingers to the music. I wish I had a movie recorder to capture it.


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