Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pink Orchid-Painting

Today I wanted to do a watercolor flower painting. My goal was to see if I could finish it in one hour. Well, it ended up taking 2 hours but I think it turned out looking nice. It is a small painting only 6x4 on 5.5 x 9 watercolor paper. I scanned it and made it into printable note cards, birthday card, thank you card, stationary and envelope set. It is on sale at my etsy shop. I also ordered some more watercolor paper yesterday so more floral painting are planned in the very near future.

I would like to thank Doris at for awarding me A Passion for Painting Award this week. Doris paints the most beautiful roses in the world! You really must check out her blog.

For the award I must list 7 things that I love:
1. My husband
2. My children
3. Painting flowers
4. TM meditation
5. Drawing and writing stories for my kids
6. Baking
7. Walking in the mountains

A Passion for Painting Award goes to the following 7 artists


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