Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hedgehog Balloon

Hedgehog Balloon - ACEO Original Watercolor with Embossing 3.5 x 5
Yesterday I got out some of my embossed paper and made some little original watercolor paintings. They are fun to draw while I play with the kids. So between drawing one or two lines I play pretend with the girls, walking around the toy animals and speaking their funny little conversations. "On no," says pony "Hedgehog is floating away on a balloon. Where is she going? You say to a tea party with ferret! Hey everyone, let's get our balloons and go with her to ferret's tea party! Away, Away."

To get this delicate embossing, the paper is first soaked and placed on top of the metal plate of my design. Two wool blankets are placed over the paper and it is turned by hand through my etching press. Then the paper has to dry sandwiched between blotter paper and wood overnight.

Look for new ACEO original watercolor cards daily at my etsy shop.

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