Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cupcake Party Set

I love cupcakes with their rich flavor and sweet frosting! Enjoy all of these sweet cupcakes without the calories for your next birthday part. The cupcake party set has all the items you need for a really great cupcake party! You get a party hat, gift tags, thank you cards, happy birthday banner,  cupcake topper/ stickers, and they can all be printed on your home printer so you have as many as you need.
Below are some of my cupcake invitations that are available for your Cupcake Birthday Party!

Today I found the neatest cupcake blog it is Cupcakes take the Cake. 

Below are some of the cupcake invitaitions that I can design for your birthday invitations. You can see all the cupcake designs in my website www.MyArtByLynnette.com



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