Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little Lady Ladybug Invitation and Birthday Party cupcake toppers

I took these photos today of my Little Lady Ladybug Collection.
I would appreciate any comments about how I can improve the photo set-up. My scalloped edge paper punch that I ordered arrived today. My 3 year old and I had lots of fun cutting out scalloped edge circles to make these ladybug cupcake toppers, ladybug stickers, thank stickers or gift tags. She also helped me to bake the cupcakes.

We left our cupcakes plain to show how even plain cupcakes can look festive. These cupcakes are organic apple cake which is a recipe of my own creation. Please ask me if you want the recipe.
Below are the Little Lady Ladybug cupcake toppers and stickers. Ladybug invitation is available  at

Below is the matching Little Lady Ladybug birthday invitation. You may change the wording to be anything you like. I have also had the ladybugs in hot pink.


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