Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ladybug Celebration Birthday invitation, Baby Shower

Whooho, so I've been without work again for 3 weeks. A little scary but thanks to all you wonderful people who are ordering my invitations we eating regular meals! I have been busy creating new designs trying to find out what you want for your sweetheart's birthdays!

Today I worked on my website and added many new designs and checked all the links to my new shopping cart so you may purchase directly from me without having to be an etsy member or a shopathome member.

Today was also the third day of home school for my 6 yr old who is now in 1st grade. She is doing wonderful and having fun learning about weighing things with the balance in science.

Ladybug Celebration is a new design in the past week. Today I just got a request to add a bee and a butterfly to the design. How do you like it?? I also made this design into baby shower and bridal shower invitations that I added to my website.
Best Wishes,

P.s. my birthday is only 5 days away!


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