Tuesday, May 31, 2011

angry birds cake

When Haleyna contacted me roughly 1 month before the event date, i was puzzled....What is Angry Birs?? LOL punya la glamor game ni and I dont even have a clue about it...In order for us to make the cake and to have the feeling about the game, Then we started googling and downloading the game...proudly to say I accomplished all levels already... we are thinking hard, cemana la nak buat block ni...

ultraman and blue power rangers cake..

An order from Erlina, recommended by her Aunt which is my former Law Lecturer at UM. Happy to know that the cake really a hit during the party. Alhamdulillah...

6 pieces cupcakes

Just 6 pcs cupcakes for Fairuz's beloved boyfriend... such a lovely gesture... Tq fairuz for the order... Speaking about just 6 pcs, it started last year when Hairi (now a regular customer of mine) order 6 pcs cupcakes for someone special, and I do accept order for just 6 pcs with a special design like this...

kek hantaran..

Just a simple hantaran cake for Kak Huda's friend. Thanks for the order :)

tom and jerry cake

Tom and Jerry is always a fav cartoon of mine. and now Syahmi and Hafiz also loves watching it... This cake belong to Aisyah... memula dah kelam kabut sikit as my BB suddenly kaput and I lost Aisyah's mum contact number. Btw, thanks so much for the order :)

Monday, May 30, 2011

dibo the gift dragon

Dibo and friends for Fadzil Rizq Armani...we shared the same name for our kids..Rizq.Thanks Fara and Fadil for the order. I hope Armani likes the cake :)

Chocolate Eclair Cake | Chocolate Eclair Cake Recipe 2011 | Chocolate Eclair Cake Paula Deen | Chocolate Eclair Cake Frosting 2011

Chocolate Eclair Cake Calories You and your family enjoy the taste while eating eclairs If you are looking, homemade chocolate cake, you can learn to make lightning. This recipe is simple to make dessert, Jell-O instant pudding and cake layers of Graham Crackers and create a flow that is included. Mix all cake is simple and easy to dress nice for the taste of chocolate sauce for dessert a

Horse Cake | Horse Cake Pan 2011 | Horse Cake Pops | Horse Cake Ideas 2011

Horse Cake Template Wedding cakes are not to be boring, if you have some great ideas, wedding cake, have your cake manufacturer know. Weddings and inspiration go hand in hand, once you have your big day and you ensure that your cake reflects. Inspiration for your style of wedding cake comes from within, can one experience in my life, a passion to show that you share with a partner, a hobby that

Diaper Cake Ideas, Diaper Cake Boy Large, Diaper Cake Grande Girl

Diaper Cake Boy LargeCheck out these five creative ideas diaper cake and the baby now its just a little planning and just 30 minutes. Diaper cake can be as or decorations for baby shower or as a gift for the new baby is used. They are often made with disposable nappies, although you can use cloth, too. Simple two-tier cake diaper can be used a package of disposable diapers, rubber bands, ribbon

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Basketball Birthday Cake | Basketball Birthday Cake Ideas | Basketball Birthday Cake Designs | Basketball Birthday Cake Pictures 2011

Basketball Birthday Cake Images Choose a design from a cake first thing to consider is the age of the celebrant. Young people are more designs available to him. You can choose his toys - More of the baseball bat, trains, trucks, dinosaurs and other animals. The man gets older, the things you care about him, you can choose the design. Your Super Hero, GI Joe, and other comics, or manga character's

Funny Birthday Cake | Funny Birthday Cake Messages | Funny Birthday Cake Quotes | Funny Birthday Cake Ideas 2011

Funny Birthday Cake RecipesYou may also call on the cake delivery of a variety of reasons, including the birthday party. Well, it does not organize a party for someone just for him to be a cake, because you deserve every opportunity. But if your best friend who is having a birthday?Funny Birthday Cake WritingThere are times that people think funny things, even a very important event for t. Maybe

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I've made mistake

I've made mistake... a huge mistake actually...this is a about a special cake that i've made for a special friend. when me started learning how to bake cake 4 years ago, semua sebab nak buat cake utk syahmi... syahmi punya first bday, the cake ordered from Tracey. then on syahmi second bday, me just buat simple choc cake with a topping of choc ganache. then daddy drew sponge bob...then kengkawan

Duncan Hines Cake | Duncan Hines Cake Mix 2011 | Duncan Hines Cake Recipes | Duncan Hines Cake Mix Coupons 2011

Duncan Hines Cake Coupons Chocolate desserts go way back in the 18th century, when Dr. James Baker made ​​the first chocolate cake mix ground cocoa beans with a cake mix. Conrad Van Houten The Netherlands has also developed its own version of baking chocolate cake with cocoa butter from cocoa liquor. The Swiss were not being beaten and invented his own system of mixing chocolate with the dough

Ladybug Cake | Ladybug Cake Pan 2011 | Ladybug Cake Pops | Ladybug Cake Ideas 2011

Ladybug Cake and CandyIt is not uncommon to have a party Ladybug to entertain groups of children. This type of festival is organized by special occasions like birthday or child shower. But it is also possible to start a party just for fun. Children like these parties and find them funny. To ensure the success of your Ladybug Party, it is necessary to provide fair and adequate provision for him.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

handphone saya rosak

BB saya rosak, jadi kepada sesiapa yg ada order cake sila emailatau fb saya ye...uhuhuh tq

Chocolate Chip Cookies

ni entry selingan...bukan promotion utk menjual ye... syahmi and hafiz memang suka sgt mkn choc chip, so we always buy choc chip cookies from famous Amos or anyone who sells nice cookies. Hubby commented on my hobby of purchasing recipe books...hahahha suka beli buku tapi tak masak masak..cemana tu... so 2 nights ago, after maghrib syahmi requested me to bake cookies for him... so i browse thru

edible Image cake

Ordered by Yanie memula baca email, Yanie introduced herself like this, hi saya yanie dari Bukit Aman...gulp...bukit amsn, sebelum ni pernah terima order dari tentera, now dari polis pulak..see like i said before, an advantage of being a cake maker when we can meet many people along the line of business. making new friends everyday.btw, i ordered this edible image from my future Brother in Law (

Happy Birthday Everyone Connect

I love this big cake... so simple yet cute... Thanks Fara for the order :)

A handbag with Love for Julie

My first ever handbag Cake... Alhamdulillah managed to do it... Julie, a sweet lady... a repeat customer turn to be friend of mine...her hubby who adores her, wanted to have surprise party and cake for her...emailed me this pic of handbag...wohooo i never done any handbag cake before, perhaps for others it just a simple design...but for me its a huge task. but how could i say NO to Julie's hubby.

Chocolate Truffles | Chocolate Truffles Recipe 2011 | Chocolate Truffles Recipe Easy | Chocolate Truffles History 2011

Chocolate Truffles Bulk The first people known to use the chocolate were the Aztecs and Mayans were part of the ancient cultures of Mexico and Central America. The Aztecs and the Maya preferred to take his chocolate into a frothy drink a little 'bitter. They made their drinks sparkling grinding cocoa seeds and then mixed with other species that were native to their land.Chocolate Truffles

Texas Sheet Cake | Texas Sheet Cake Recipe 2011 | Texas Sheet Cake Recipe Buttermilk | Texas Sheet Cake Frosting 2011

Texas Sheet Cake Frosting Recipe All carrots are vegetables in the diet should be. What do you eat even when they realize they are not tempted to eat, so there's something wrong with their roots, the small, or any other person received, if they dress. Butter, cream cheese frosting sheets Try this delicious carrot cake. This recipe, mashed potatoes, sliced ​​carrots, simply use frozen. Choice of

Monday, May 23, 2011

Barney in da house again

Happy 2nd Bithday Qaseh Mia Faryna... a beloved daughter to Shila, hehhe cik jiran depan rumah. Shila is a Stay at Home Mom. A job that I wish myself having right now... I am quite determine to follow Shila's footstep to work from home, InsyaAllah next year.I am not happy now, no not because of work. I have a great job with an important post with a good salary, perhaps lower from many of other

Southern Red Velvet Cake | Southern Red Velvet Cake Recipe 2011 | Southern Red Velvet Cake From Scratch | Southern Red Velvet Cake Frosting 2011

Southern Red Velvet Cake Cream Cheese FrostingThe first time I made this recipe for red velvet cake for the taste of wedding cake for a friend. The cake is wonderful, but I made some improvements and additions that I do think that this beautiful basket. In addition to promoting the extra chocolate cupcakes' taste and leaves a final product is bright, deep red that is as luxurious as the name. I

Sunday, May 22, 2011

1 year old birthday

A big and heavy cake ordered by another repeat customer, Nenny. Total weight are approximately 5kg plus...I love looking at the combination of yellow and blue... Thanks Nenny for the order.

teacher's day

these set of cakes were from Kak Linda, this is kinda cute i think :).. i hope the teachers love this cake. and happy teachers day!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bonner/Strickland Wedding

What an honor to bake and decorate a wedding  and grooms cake. Rebecca is like most brides, very excited and anxious to get married and start her life long journey with Steven.The wedding cake is three tiers of almond cake with buttercream icing. The brown twigs are of our modeling chocolate and the periwinkle blossoms are made from our royal icing, serves 82.Steven's cake is well, a tribute to

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Burgundy Wedding Cake | Burgundy Wedding Cake Topper | Burgundy Wedding Cake Flowers 2011 | Burgundy Wedding Cake Pictures 2011

Burgundy And White Wedding Cake Are you trying to figure out what to give your wedding day? Would you have had a better idea of ​​what would be a great wedding gift be? Wedding cake boxes are necessary because it is the intention of the wedding couple to some of their cake to share with guests. The tradition of wedding cakes home address packed in boxes of wedding cake is traditionally

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Fish Birthday Cake Kids Birthdays are celebrated throughout the world, which means day of the birth of a human being. The birthday cake was an important part of the birthday celebrations have been since the mid-nineteenth century. There are many birthdays that are important to someone. This may (but not limited to) the first, fifth, tenth birthday, later eighteen and twenty-one. Maybe one, "Over

Mint Chocolate Cake | Mint Chocolate Cake Recipe 2011 | Mint Chocolate Cake Balls | Mint Chocolate Cake Pops 2011

Mint Chocolate Cake Vegan I remember when I was a girl scout. I wanted the thin mints than any other cookie I sold. My mom used to buy several boxes for us. Even in adulthood, ticks are usually thin I'll buy the first box. In fact, I love to freeze them, making them even harder and crisp. There were years when I got tired of thin mint cookies that we enjoyed throughout the year. I would like to

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Batman Birthday Cake Toppers Dress as a superhero in the imaginary game all boys enjoy playing at a young age. Batman is one of my favorite characters. This is the infamous mask with pointed ears and long black cape kids wore on Halloween, and throughout the year. So why not quit the next day of birth to Batman? Start the game, you must find the party supplies. Invitations, stationery, jewelry,

Chocolate Biscuit Cake ideas, Chocolate Biscuit Cake images

Chocolate Biscuit Cake ideasChocolate Biscuit Cake images

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Kids Beach Party Cake Ideas There are many good ideas for birthday party kids! You and your birthday child can have a lot of fun just deciding on what theme to use! Popular ideas for birthday party for children include: Bowling, Victorian tea party, princess, dinosaur, cowboy, pirate the list is endless party themes for children. You can use any number of popular cartoon characters of the

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Bachelorette Party Cake Chicago Bachelorette Party is a time of fun and frolic for a bride to be with their friends before marriage. Miscellaneous equipment and accessories used in any bachelorette party memorable. Party supply companies normally carries a wide variety of decorations and party events, and themed supplies for all tastes.Bachelorette Party Cake PicturesAll kinds of funny gags and

sorry salah update

hi all, sorry sebab utk cake yg latest dah terupdate kat http://decute.blogspot.com (my personal blog)... sorry ye...tq

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

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Mini Bundt Cake Decorating IdeasMini Dam for almost any kitchen pans are a great addition. Traditional fun, easy and cheap to the smaller version of the tried and true version. If there is a small dam kitchen utensils, as soon as possible so you may want to consider a purchase. Traditional pan dam, nearly sixty years popular products such Nordicware, it takes twelve cups of cake batter. Obviously

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Hummingbird Cake Applesauce Southern Living magazine hummingbird cake, which typically is a credit in the first reference. Remains a mystery of its unusual name for a cake, did not include a description of the Greensboro, NC But Mrs. Wiggins was submitted by a Mrs. LH Wiggins in February 1978 issue of the recipe, press, hummingbird, a symbol of folklore have that sweetness. Hummingbirds are drawn

Monday, May 16, 2011

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Toy Story Cake Balls Toy Story Birthday Party in question when I told him that sad look on his face after seeing my child to sleep at night I could not imagine. My immediate thoughts about the possible expense and logistical supplies toy story party, but I just found difficult to get out of my mind looking at your face, so we decided to explore the idea and guess what? This is a cheap and easy to

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Pirate Birthday Cake RecipesGiving each of your guests to wear pink bandana in her hair as they become available. Then it's time to go on a treasure hunt. Give them a treasure map with a key to find the treasure you have hidden before the party. At the end of the treasure must be filled treasure chest with a bunch of loot.Pirate Birthday Cake TescoThe pirates are always working on a big appetite,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Bucket of Balls" for Cruz

  Cruz is just your typical boy who is happiest whenever he has a simple ball or balls to play with. Amy couldn't come up with a theme because he didn't seem to be into any of the children's shows but his favorite thing to play with is a bucket of baseballs. His older brother Isaiah plays baseball and his dad helps out with the team so there is an abundance of baseballs around. So, what else,

Friday, May 13, 2011

Calla Lily Wedding Cake | Calla Lily Wedding Cake Toppers 2011 | Calla Lily Wedding Cake Designs | Calla Lily Wedding Cake Pictures 2011

Calla Lily Wedding Cake Kit Calla lilies have long been connected with marriage and you will find many marriage turn this beauty into their projects. White Calla Lilies are a popular choice for traditional weddings, while the brilliant Kalla are popular for more casual affairs. If you calla lily flowers in the wedding, they are also the perfect choice for your wedding.Calla Lily Wedding Cake

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21st Birthday Cakes HomemadeIn the twenty first birthday is usually seen as a new milestone in his life. This usually means that a person has truly come of age. Cake ideas are among those who should have when it comes to many different occasions, especially birthdays. The designs of the cakes will differ from what the celebrant wants her cake to look like. They are usually more mature, and, of

Thursday, May 12, 2011

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Walmart Cake ToppersI used my mother that her children's birthday cakes from WalMart or the local grocery store, they ordered a cheap sheet cake to buy, has to know it was logical. They well (though certainly not) were decorated and I think that they are special because they had their names on them. But the cake tasted bland and cookie cutter cookie cutter homes in the neighborhood saw. I know I

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Baseball Cake DecorationsThe imaginative décor bobble head cake parties, especially to improve the quality of events. These actions are to determine the personality of the icons of sports and facilitate their successful team. It is an appropriate time to apply the bobble head one or more necessary. Other factors associated with the bobble head is used in the design and decoration birthday and

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Christening Cakes Images Baptisms are great family occasions, especially when it comes to the ceremony of the first birth. But for new parents, which are often more disturbing than making the child through the service without crying is what to do when everyone leaves the church and heads back to their homes. Is it a buffet and a few sandwiches, barbecue outside in the summer, or maybe something

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Cricut Cake Cutter Of course, you've heard about the car Cricut Expression cutting, which allows you to make perfect decorations and scrapbook pages. But have you heard about the Cricut machine cake? This new personal cutter, which was created to reduce the food not paper. This machine can help the cake and other confections decorators create beautifully decorated food faster than ever

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pirate birthday cake decorating ideas | Pirate birthday cake for sale

Pirate birthday cake decorationPirate birthday cake decorating ideasPirate birthday cake for sale

Paris Birthday Cake, Birthday cake Party, Cakes For Sale

new pink paris birthday cake decorationspink images of paris birthday cakeimages of paris birthday cake

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Tropical Wedding Cake Pictures Decorate your island colors such as turquoise, hot, yellow, pink and orange should. Fragrant flowers everywhere, an important part of the island theme. Include gardenia, hibiscus, bamboo, orchids and plumeria. fountains, balloons, festive wreaths and the ability to add the streams to. Whether entertaining guests participated in a tropical theme wedding favors.

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Cupcakes Wedding Cake Designs With the popularity of more informal reception, the bride elect cupcakes for your guests, instead of the traditional wedding cake. And no wonder - the cups are suitable for weddings! Whether homemade or gourmet (sprinkles, gourmet cupcakes, cakes or savory), cakes offer many advantages.Cupcakes Wedding Cake MassachusettsFirstly, it offers cupcakes increasing

Delicious And Amazing Angry Birds Cake | Cakes For Sale

Delicious angry birds cake PicturesDelicious angry birds cake decorationsAmazing angry birds cake design ideas

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Tres Leche Cake Best Mexico has its share of candy. You can find sweet drinks, candies, chocolates, sweets and, of course. A cake that is popular and just be pounds Mexican Chocolate Cake. What makes this cake a classic is the addition of Mexican chocolate and cinnamon. It 'easy to make and very tasty!Tres Leche Cake ButterTres Leches cake is also very good and is lighter than many other

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Flourless Chocolate Cake | Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe 2011 | Flourless Chocolate Cake Passover | Flourless Chocolate Cake Food Network 2011

Flourless Chocolate Cake High Altitude Our bread is baked on a farm in the wood oven. Flour, ground wives of workers from the wheat is stored in concrete tanks giant farm of the year. It was milled with a mill in its infancy, consisting of two 10 inch wheels black. below, fixed, was a metal rod in the middle. Top has been a central hole to accommodate the large trees and allow the grain to feed

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free first birthday party supplies Your child's first birthday should be a wonderful and special event. The first thing that you want to do when looking for 1st birthday party supplies is to decide on your theme. A themed party does not necessarily mean that you have to have characters, although you can certainly go that route, themed can be on the basis of colors, music, or anything else that

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girl 1st birthday party supplies The aesthetic value of nude photography and its boundary to erotic photography, pornography and erotica art. Nude photography, nude art, erotica, history, maria novatschkova, art poster.american girl birthday party suppliesWhen was the last time you heard anyone exclaim: "THIS IS REALLY A GREAT BIRTHDAY PHOTO?" Can you say… NEVER? So, here we are, with another

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places for kids parties Most birthday parties for kids are held at the kid's home.  If the party is  planned right, that could be great. But there are many birthday party places for  kids, and some aren't all that expensive. Birthday party places, birthdy parties, birthday party locations.order games for kids partiesThe difference between having an amazing party for kids and a boring party for

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little girl birthday partiesThese top 10 girl birthday party ideas are sure to be a hit for your upcoming kids birthday party.  These 10 party themes are the most popular today for girls including glamour and spa night parties, cupcake, fairy party, and much more. Girl birthday party ideas, girl birthday party, childrens party ideas, kid party ideas, kids birthday.fun 4 yr old girl birthday

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

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BIRTHDAY PARTY SUPPLIES CONSTRUCTION Years after he first came out on some of the first video games, Super Mario is beloved by kids of all ages. He keeps trudging forward and makes those hops, drops and jumps all to reach his goal. What a great guest to have at your next children's birthday party. Preparing for a Super Mario party is easy with these birthday party supplies. Super mario birthday

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75TH BIRTHDAY PRESENT IDEAS IMAGEA gift basket can make a great present for celebrating a birthday for any age. The most important part is finding appropriate items based on the person's interests and age. It also helps if the container itself is appropriate for the occasion and matches the overall theme of the gift. These gifts do not have to be in a traditional wicker basket anymore. We've seen

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Cakes Latest Designs

Happy Birthday Cakes Latest Designs

Happy Birthday and wedding cakes

Happy Birthday and wedding cakes

Happy Birthday Cakes Latest Designs

Happy Birthday Cakes Latest Designs

Bob the builder

It's been quite sometime for us to receive cartoon character drawing on the cake.. this time its for Aliff Iqbal's 4th birthday. It's seem like somekind of therapy sometimes to just play around with the piping bag piping down the buttercream to draw this.. yep! we enjoyed it :).. thanks for the order

Class of 1981

It is always great to meet old friends from school or alma mater. Talking about the past, our greatest memories together.. even the things we hate most might just be a laughing stock for now.. huhu, missed my school friends already. anyway.. this book cake was ordered by Aunt Wan for her reunion from the class of 1981. really satisfied with the outcome of this cake and hopefully they'll love it

5th Anniversary

This cake was ordered by Hasha a.k.a Manja for her 5th anniversary.. it was a sweet anniversary cake and we really love it. hopefully the whole family love it too.. thanks Hasha for the order

Mother's day special

Yup this time the vase is more realistic.. of course, they are the real deal.. hehe, these sets of fondant flower bouquet was ordered by our repeat customer Kak Linda, she bought few vases and then let us do the bouquet of cupcakes.. huhu, quite tricky actually.. and after few trial and error, we managed to produce these... alhamdulillah, Kak Linda really loves it and hopefully, all the mothers

mother's day special

ordered by raudhah for her mother... first time buat kek bentuk pasu, end up not really showing the shape of a vase, tapi we learn something new.. next time, different technique perhaps.. Hihi, thanks Raudhah for the order and believing in us. and happy mother's day

powerpuff girls lagi...

This powerpuffgirl was ordered for Irdina.. hope she love the outcome as she decided on the design herself.. hope our version of Powerpuff girl meets her expectation.. thanks for the order..

Guitar Cake | Guitar Cake Pan 2011 | Guitar Cake Template 2011 | Guitar Cake Topper 2011

Guitar Cake Recipe The idea really easy cake decorating theme to make these cakes is to purchase cake toppers that match your theme to put on top of your cake. These come in many different varieties. However, if you happen to want to make a certain theme cake for which you can not find a cake game, try the overview section of any shop or business.Guitar Cake MoldFor the examples above, you can

Graduation Cake | Graduation Cake Ideas 2011 | Graduation Cake Pops 2011 | Graduation Cake Designs 2011

Graduation Cake DecorationsGraduation marks academic advancement and recognition of reality and deserve congratulations. Prom in the area for many families and friends can enjoy themselves in graduate school and generally pleasing to the crowd, almost all people the right opportunities graduation cake, cake, love of the election. One of the first decisions to make whether to purchase a graduate

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake | Hello Kitty Birthday Cake Ideas 2011 | Hello Kitty Birthday Cake Pan 2011 | Hello Kitty Birthday Cake Topper 2011

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake RecipeHello Kitty birthday party ideas will require the power of a few bright pink party, which included an invitation! This is the perfect party theme for girls. Kitty is a popular cartoon character is really fun girl. The theme of this party's color scheme is pink and white.Hello Kitty Birthday Cake TemplateYour party may start a lot of fun and unique party decorations

Sweet 16th Birthday Party Ideas 2001 | Fun Sweet 16th Birthday Party | 16th Birthday Inviations | Sweet 16 Arrangements 2011

IDEAS FOR 16TH BIRTHDAY PARTIESA sweet 16 birthday is a special occasion. Get some ideas for planning the perfect party for your sweet 16 year old. Sweet, 16, sixteen, party, ideas, planning, games, activities, decorations, food.SWEET 16TH BIRTHDAY PARTYSweet 16 parties are a must for today’s teenage girl. This party marks the beginning of independence for the teen, as she further ventures into

Sentimental Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend | 50 Yr Old Male Birthday Gifts | 40th Birthday Gifts For Men 2011

IDEAS FOR A 16TH BIRTHDAY PARTYBirthday is the most important day in the lives of every individual. It is this day that we feel our importance and we count the years of our existence in this world. If you have a friend or special someone who will be celebrating his or her day, try to make him or her feel that he or she is important to you. You can give him or her a very  that is worth cherishing

Birthday Cake Facebook | Birthday Calulator Facebook | Facebook Birthday Cards For 2 Year Old Great Nehpew | Birthday Cards On Facebook 2011

BIRTHDAY CALENDAR ON FACEBOOKBIRTHDAY WISHES TO POST ON A FACEBOOK PAGEBirthdays are days of gifts, celebration and parties. However, cakes are the most inseparable part of any birthday. Whoever said you couldn't be creative when it came to cakes? In this article, we will discuss the different birthday cake ideas for small kids. Birthday cake, birthday cake ideas, cake ideas, birthday

Best Birthday Statuses On Facebook | Facebook For Lois Malone 90th Birthday Party | 7th Birthday Of Facebook | Birthday Calculator Facebook 2011

BIRTHDAY ON FACEBOOK OF SEXThe internet has evolved from corporate websites to a social gathering place. This provides a new way for small businesses to attract prospects for little or no cost. Social sites such as Facebook are providing an easy-to-use interface for even those with limited technical skills. Facebook, networking, network marketing, Internet marketing, social marketing, web 2.0.

1st Birthday Cakes For Boys | Boys Polka Dot 1st Birthday Cakes 2011

1ST BIRTHDAY CAKES FOR BOYS IMAGEFirst birthday cakes are often the most stressful part of planning a baby's first birthday. Many new mothers want something special and memorable, yet easy to prepare.  The problem is they're just not sure where to start. Should you choose a cartoon character or an animal? Is a rectangle one better, or should you go round? First birthday cake, baby's first

16th birthday gift ideas for daughter | 16th birthday party ideas | 16th birthday cake ideas | 16th birthday ideas | redneck 16th birthday party ideas 2011

BOYS 16TH BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS16th birthday is the sweetest of all birthdays! It is a phase when you just about enter into adulthood and at the same time are not accountable for it. Isn't it amazing? Well, here we are, with a few great sweet 16 gift ideas for your daughter. Gift ideas, cool gift ideas, cool gift, designer accessories, designer handbag, designer gowns.CUTE 16TH BIRTHDAY CAKE

Tres Leches Cake With Caramel, Tres Leches Birthday Cake, Tres Leches Wedding Cake

Tres Leches Cake With Strawberry Tres Leches Cake With CaramelTres Leches Birthday CakeTres Leches Wedding Cake

Mothers Day Cake, Unique Mother's Day Ideas, Online Special Cakes for sale

Chocolate Mothers Day CakeSpecialty Mothers Day CakeMothers Day Cake Decorate With StrawberryMothers Day Cake Decorate With Flowers

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Cakes Latest Designs

Chocolate Zucchini Cake | Chocolate Zucchini Cake Recipe 2011 | Chocolate Zucchini Cake Epicurious 2011 | Chocolate Zucchini Cake Chocolate Chips 2011

Chocolate Zucchini Cake Gluten FreeIt's just the most delicious gluten-free cake I have ever had the pleasure to share with anyone. So moist and delicious, I did not tell his friends that it is gluten free! They never notice a difference, and if it still does not stop them from getting the second and third.Chocolate Zucchini Cake MixI love this recipe because it is, and having a fall and debris

Pastel De Chocolate | Pastel De Chocolate Receta 2011 | Pastel De Chocolate Recipe 2011 | Pastel De Chocolate De Tres Leches 2011

Pastel De Chocolate Y Almendras Cocina Chilena the bass principalmente en una combinación de cocina española con ingredientes traditionals chilenos, con influencias más tarde de Europa, especialmente Alemania, Italia, Francia, Croacia, y el Medio Oriente. Cuando llegaron los Españoles en Chile in 1541 and three las uvas, Aceitunas, Nueces, castañas, arroz, Trig, Cítricos, azúcar, Ajo y otras

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thanks for the Birthday Wishes Facebook | Birthday Status on Facebook | Awesome Happy Birthday Facebook Status 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FACEBOOK SYMBOLS It's a friend's or loved one's birthday and you're unable to decide which card or birthday gift to send them? Actually, choosing, let alone deciding, on a card or gift is today difficult for most of us given the huge variety on offer, and, you will invariably want it to be the perfect birthday card or gift for someone precious in life. Birthday greeting card.SEND A

Personalized 1st Birthday Gifts | 40 Year Old Woman Birthday Gifts | Crafts for Birthday Gifts 2011

CHINESE BIRTHDAY GIFTSThe first year of the baby is filled with milestone, laughter and surprises, so you and the rest of the family want to commemorate the baby's first birthday with adorable baby's first birthday gifts. There are so many choices of birthday present for you to choose from, from ceramic mealtime sets, cuddly toys to heirloom. Commemorate the occasion with unique personalized

50th Birthday Gifts Women | Birthday Gifts for 13 Year Olds | Happy Birthday Gifts | Mom Birthday Gifts 2011

MARINE CORPS BIRTHDAY BALL GIFTS Are you stumped about what to buy the man in your life as a 50th birthday gift? Here are five 50th birthday gifts for men to help spur some gift ideas. 50th birthday, 50th birthday gift, 50th birthday gifts, birthday gift for a man, 50th birthday gift for.SAME DAY DELIVERY BIRTHDAY GIFTSHe is at his Peak.  It is his time. He is at the top of the hill getting

Facebook Birthday New | Funny Facebook Birthday Cards | Facebook Birthday Wishes for Sister | Birthday Cards for Facebook 2011

FUNNY WAYS TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON FACEBOOK The old-fashioned birthday card is losing steam, and newer ways to wish your friend a Happy birthday are replacing them. Sometimes, simple well-wishes on Facebook or a birthday email are enough but oftentimes we want a more creative way to wish our friends a New York Happy Birthday. There are lots of options for simple but interesting ways to recognize

Cheap Birthday Gifts For A Girlfriend | Can't Afford Birthday or Holiday Gift | Birthday Gifts For A Man 2011

BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR SPECIAL FRIENDS FACEBOOK Selecting the perfect gift for girlfriends require an utmost patience, care, and dedication. Among all beings, women are the ones who are held to be very meticulous. That is why as you look for birthday presents for your girlfriend, you've got to first take a look at the array of choices of girlfriend birthday gift ideas. Girlfriend birthday gift

Same Day Birthday Gifts | Birthday Gifts For Teenage Boys | Birthday Gifts on Facebook That Email | How to Make Homemade Birthday Gifts 2011

30TH BIRTHDAY GIFTS We all remain children at heart, even after being exposed to the big bad adult world for decades. We cherish moments of childish happiness, we get stimulated and excited when an air of suspense and inexplicable cheer is around. Wedding Florist India, India Florist,Birthday Gifts To India,cheap flowers delivery,wedding day gift.BIRTHDAY GIFTS FOR WIFECakes complete ceremonies

Overnight Delivery Birthday Gifts | Birthday Gifts For Him | Birthday Gifts From the Heart | 16 th Birthday Gifts 2011

70TH BIRTHDAY GIFTS When should you consider using delivery of wine as a gift? Well there are endless possibilities including gift certificates in the mail, but wine basket delivery often works great in these situations because they are appropriate: Birthdays: Nothing makes a better birthday gift than a fine bottle of wine or champagne gift basket on the celebrator's doorstep. Shop by price or

Baby 1st Birthday Party Ideas | Baby 1st Birthday Party Invitations | Baby 1st Birthday Party Supplies 2011

BABY 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS PICTURE You need some good First Birthday Party Ideas.  This is the birthday party you will always remember, because it's the first of many for your darling little bundle of joy. First birthday party ideas, first birthday.BABY 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS IMAGESA Baby Einstein birthday is a favorite with both baby and his or her parents. This is a party with a purpose

80th Birthday Party Ideas | 80th Birthday Party Decorations | 80th Birthday Party Activities | 80th Birthday Poems | Ideas 80th Birthday Party 2011

IDEAS FOR MOMS 80TH BIRTHDAY PARTY Here are a few 80th birthday party ideas to spice up your upcoming theme party.  Walk down memory lane with these great 80th birthday party ideas. 80th birthday party ideas, 80th birthday party supplies, 80th birthday party invitations, 80th birth.80TH BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS FOR DADAre you planning an 80th birthday party for someone special? If so, you're

80th Birthday Gift Ideas | 80th Birthday Gift Ideas Forum | Good 80th Birthday Gift Ideas | Best 80th Birthday Gift Ideas 2011

80TH BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS FOR WOMAN If you know someone whose turning 80 then you're going to enjoy some of these gift ideas. It seems like the older that someone gets the harder it is to shop for them. Which is why we decided to list some of the best 80th birthday gift ideas that we could think of. 80th Birthday Gift Ideas, 80th Birthday Gifts.80TH BIRTHDAY GIFT IDEAS FOR WOMENAs time goes by and

Cinderella Wedding Cake | Cinderella Wedding Cake Topper 2011 | Cinderella Wedding Cake Stand 2011 | Cinderella Wedding Cake Knife 2011

Cinderella Wedding Cake TopsAs a professional couple both to capture an image and reputation seriously. You've worked hard to form an educated, sophisticated life, and you're very focused on their goals and activities. Unlike the merry, playful pair have already mentioned, you want something more serious and professional appearance.Cinderella Wedding Cake IdeasIf this applies to your personal

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

popular wedding cake | popular wedding cake flavors 2011 | popular wedding cake recipes 2011 | popular wedding cake toppers 2011

Popular Wedding Cake Fillings When people try to understand what kind of wedding cake they want at their reception, they sometimes do research on what their favorite celebrities have at their wedding. There are many different options out there for cakes, and even if the cake is worth forty thousand U.S. dollars to your favorite celebrity does not mean that an experienced baker can create a copy

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dora The Explorer Birthday Cake | Dora The Explorer Birthday Cake Ideas 2011 | Dora The Explorer Birthday Cake Toppers 2011

Dora The Explorer Birthday Cake DesignsThe cake is sweetest and most especially the party is for the child delicious birthday. It is true that there can be lots of gifts, but the focus for all visitors to catch the pastel colors and is located in the middle of the banquet. In other words, if a factor to be taken much effort and priority is the birthday cake option.Dora The Explorer Birthday

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake | Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Ideas 2011 | Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Toppers 2011 | Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Pictures 201

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake WalmartThe cups are sure to quickly become one of the hottest trends in the anniversary celebrations. And the reason is very simple - are relatively easy to manufacture and decorate with respect to the traditional birthday cake, and are much easier on the budget, too. Is not surprising that many parents do not switch!Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake KidsJust as it is

Barbie as Ariel the mermaid!

This week we celebrate friends birthday parties.. Naza and Mai both ordered the barbie cake for their daughter's birthday.. hhuuhu.. luckily it's not on the same day, if do.. we might not be able to attend to any of the party.. huhu, glad to know both of them and their family loves the cake.. especially the children.. :) thanks

girl on a cheezy cake

this is a red velvet cake ordered for shairah.. it was specifically mentioned not to have too much decor cause they don't want the red velvet flavor to be disturbed.. yep, totally agree with that... noted :). so here's the outcome! enjoy..

An engineer and a backhoe

We were excited to received the order as this is the first time for us to model a backhoe.. as always, our kids toy will become the model for the cake.. luckily syahmi and hafiz got a lot of toys as our reference.. hihi. the cake was quite heavy as we use solid fondant as the backhoe body.. so, it is heavy... (looking forward for other alternative.. hmmm.. next project :) perhaps...)


Ultraman is dancing with a banner on his hand.. hehe, this was ordered for Ayel's birthday.

powerpuff girl fondant cake

This cake was requested by darlene for her only daughter, Beatricia.. we sketched a bit for the design and she loves it, and she want it to be pastel colour.. huhu, we go through the detail and color and finally it turns out to be like this.. we like it :D

MU girl!

This cake was ordered by Andrea for her sister.. It was quite challenging as she requested the girl figurine with long fringe to stand up while stepping on the ball. wow.. so, i had to made it earlier to ensure that the structure is strong enough to stand. Finally we managed to model it nicely and the girl stand out very pretty. but.. in the end, when we happily deliver it, a finger had fallen

a wedding gift cake...

CS ordered this cake for one of her family who got married last weekend at Kg. dato' Harun.. personally I like the blue colour.. and we want to introduce our mini cake tier.. The mini cake is quite tedious to make.. luckily it turns out pretty satisfiying.. hehe, hope CS and the family loves it~!

Ben 10 and Cars

another mixed cartoon character cupcakes.. this time ordered by kak Ju..

It's Justin Beiber fever.. again!!

Wohooo.. another order from JB fans in Malaysia.. hehe, one is for Leesa's 14th birthday and the other one for my cousin's daughter . her version is a combination of JB and vampire... Hope both of them they had a blast birthday celebration with Justin Beiber... cake~! hhehe :)

princess cake

we received two princess cake with edible image on it for the week. not much different on the design, but the two cakes are adorable.. hopefully both intan and err.. i can't recall her name love their cakes.. thanks gals

homer simpsons

Homer Simpsons ni memang la kelakar sangat.. tapi when my colleague ordered this cake for her special one.. (betulkan?) heheh.. I feel like... what the.. haha, funny guy la ni.. and the girl, is indeed a fun friend to have. Thanks Alya for the order. we had fun making the cake and trying hard to draw homer's face as real as it can be.. hehe

pillow and rings cake

Hehe.. another repeat design, macam the one ordered by my cousin, Abg Zam.. unlike his, this is an inverted version of the cake.. It's black on white.. and of course a few redefining on the look and feel. luckily the customer loves it~!! "Yeyy!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Elmo Birthday Cake | Elmo Birthday Cake Ideas 2011 | Elmo Birthday Cake Pan 2011 | Elmo Birthday Cake Toppers 2011

Elmo Birthday Cake WiltonHow do you serve birthday cake at Elmo cake pan to see how their eyes grow as big as Elmo's, after being served. Of course, each guest should Elmo Party Hat. It would be just a birthday party without a hat. Get one for yourself, or simply as a dress Red Monster Elmo.Elmo Birthday Cake KitNow you can bring Elmo Pinata. He stood 21 "high and has a lot of toys and sweets for

Elmo Cake | Elmo Cake Pan 2011 | How to Make Elmo Cake 2011 | Elmo Cake Ideas 2011

Elmo Cake Cupcakes This cake is available in different sizes. This pan in front of Elmo is ideal for children's birthdays and parties for children. "I came in the typical red Elmo and includes a wide variety of designs and sizes.Elmo Cake Decorationshelp tablespoons of your favorite family serve a meal. These gourmet hard spoons in polished stainless steel round base is 1 cm wide and are

First Birthday Cupcakes | First Birthday Party Supplies | First Birthday Princess Cakes | First Birthday Cakes Designs 2011

1ST BIRTHDAY CUPCAKE IDEAS How are things in your head, let the word "birthday", you hear? Response, parties, drinks, new costumes, gifts, spray, and no doubt wrappers, birthday cakes do not want it? Without a birthday cake for a birthday celebration is very attractive or impressive, and may at any plant, which looks and are compared by a garden does not do not. Now to play an integral part of

Happy Birthday Glitters Facebook | Send A Birthday Card On Facebook | Facebook Friends Birthday | Facebook Free Birthday Cards 2011

FACEBOOK BIRTHDAY INVITATIONFACEBOOK BIRTHDAY NICE STUFFFREE BIRTHDAY CARDS IN FACEBOOKThere are many choices when it comes to nail colors today. If you go to any department store or into a drugstore, you will find a wide array of choices from the acrylic nail polish rack. Acrylic nail, beauty store, different colors, muted colors, storage container, vibrant shades.Where do best ideas come from

Facebook Birthday Notifications | Facebook Birthday Card | Facebook Peoples Birthday Finder | Facebook Friends Birthday Calendar 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY COMMENTS FOR FACEBOOK Is your email inbox flooded with constant emails? Do all the continuous notification emails from Facebook drive you crazy - or worse, bury important emails under the flood? Rescue your precious time and energy with this one simple change! Facebook profile, notification emails, facebook notification emails, rescue time, reduce email, happy birthday singing

16th Birthday Gifts | Gifts For Daughters 16th Birthday | Gifts For Girls 16th Birthday 2011

16TH BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS YOU Throughout the year there are many gift buying occasions.  Times where we are looking for that perfect gift yet have no idea of what to get.  If you are looking for a special gift idea consider getting a gift that can be personalized or engraved.  There are many unique and keepsake gifts available for gift occasions such as graduations, Mother's Day, Father's Day and

16th Birthday Jewelry Gifts | Sweet 16 Birthday Bracelet - 16th Birthday Gift | 14K White Gold Sweet 16 Charm Birthday Jewelry Pendant 2011

16TH BIRTHDAY GIFTS SHIRTS When you think 16th birthday gift you think car, but let's face it, not everyone can afford or want to buy a car for a soon to be sixteen year old. For those here are other great gift ideas. Gifts for a 16th birthday vary for gender but most is gender neutral with just a little higher price tag. 16th birthday, 16th birthday gifts, birthday gifts, digital cameras.16TH

Babies First Birthday Gifts | Baby's First Birthday Ideas | Baby's First Birthday Cakes | Baby's First Birthday Cards 2011

16TH BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS YOU Well meaning Aunts and Uncles feel that they must give little Johnny the best gift and head straight to the big name toy store and spend a fortune on the "hottest" toy of the season only to be let down when the baby shows little interest in the new toy or worse yet, is terrified of the "bouncing-flipping-singing" media frenzied creation. Here's an idea. How about

Birthday Gifts for One Year Old | Birthday Cakes One Year Old | Gift Ideas One Year Old 2011

BIRTHDAY GIFTS BASKETS FOR WOMEN Every young girl looks forward to her twenty first birthday. This is the time when she has completed her studies and is old enough to hang out with her friends at places like bars and clubs. A girl's 21st birthday is connected with adult hood and responsibilities and therefore she deserves a gift that echoes this. College diploma frames,college gifts.BIRTHDAY

Baby Boy First Birthday Gifts | Baby Boy 1st Birthday Gifts | Baby Boy First Birthday Cakes | Baby Boy First Birthday Ideas 2011

BABY BOY GIFT BASKETS First birthdays are special occasions, especially for parents as this means that the baby is growing up. Actually, most babies after growing up are really excited to see photos of gifts given to them on their very first birthdays. It is therefore very important to consider the best gift to give to your baby or niece, nephew or grandchild on his or her first birthday. First

Gifts for Girlfriend Birthday | Flowers Girlfriend Birthday | Gifts Boyfriend Birthday | Cheap Birthday Gifts for A Girlfriend | ex Girlfriend Birthday 2011

GIRLFRIEND BIRTHDAY POEMS Selecting the perfect gift for girlfriends require an utmost patience, care, and dedication. Among all beings, women are the ones who are held to be very meticulous. That is why as you look for birthday presents for your girlfriend, you've got to first take a look at the array of choices of girlfriend birthday gift ideas. Girlfriend birthday gift ideas.GIRLFRIEND

18 Birthday Wierd Gifts | 17th Birthday Ecards | 50 Year Old Birthday Cake for Men | Gag Gifts for 70th Birthday 2011

GIRLFRIEND BIRTHDAY QUOTES Don't buy a normal Valentine's gift for your man. Buy a weird and wonderful gift for him instead. Valentines gifts, gift ideas for men, mens gifts, male gifts.GIRLFRIEND BIRTHDAY CARD  Searching for a unique birthday gift for your girlfriend this year? Why don't you get one that will not only put a smile on her face but also get her to burst out laughing at the same

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