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Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas 2010

Christmas Cake Decorating IdeasCake decorating ideas good holiday is not involved in the multi-layer cake and complex work that by adding some decorations to make some changes to the shape just cake can be more interesting. In this article, then I'll cover some general holiday, to discuss some ideas for a unique cake to impress your guests with these opportunities. Christmas cake, you are a lot

Christmas Cake Recipes 2010

Christmas Cake RecipesWedding cakes for special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas is mandatory. You can even bake a cake right now, and decorating themselves. In addition to the savings it is fun. The main ones are professional cake recipe here. Good recipes, by-step instructions, and the palate - then you can create a professional cake tickling. However, baking is an art and, please keep in

Christmas Birthday Cake 2010

Christmas Birthday CakeThis is the time to decorate a birthday cake. Are interested in adding a personal element to their child's birthday cake Many people. This is who you are if you are among those who think for you, there are several ways you can start working on it considerably. At first when it comes to make a cake during birthday, consider that there is a special birthday boy or girl wants.

Friday, September 24, 2010

White Elephant Circus Invitation

A White Elephant is a sign of good luck and prosperity. This fun circus invitation will make your next birthday party the Greatest Birthday On Earth!! You can change the colors and wording to be anything you like. So come on, come all to a super fun circus birthday party. available at http://www.myartbylynnette.biz/birthday-girl-page-4.html

The design above is called Big Top Circus Invitation with a circus horse, preforming circus monkeys and a circus elephant. The colors can be changed and the wording can be for any age birthday.

Fountain Wedding Cakes 2010

Fountain Wedding CakesYou can even add a few sound effects to your fountain if you want to make it even more You can even use champagne to add a great touch and sparkle to your cake. You can use wine or chocolate instead of water to flow down the cake. You can do different flavors on each tier or you can keep them the same. This is where you are going to have to get creative.Fountain Wedding

Snowflake Wedding Cakes 2010

Snowflake Wedding CakesPerhaps it is mittens and snow angels or Perhaps it is the snowflakes themselves that you would like to build your winter wedding around. Maybe you want a more elegant look featuring fire and ice (crystal, silver, and candles or a roaring fire in the fireplace). Perhaps you want to use your favorite Christmas movie such as, "It's a Wonderful Life" as your inspiration for

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heart Shaped Wedding Cake 2010

Heart Shaped Wedding CakeThere are so many charming ways to include the heart motif in your special day, whether it is used as the main theme, or just as a few details here and there. Hearts are the most timeless symbol of love and romance, which makes them ideal for a wedding. For an outdoor wedding, create a large heart shape on There are numerous ways to use hearts within your ceremony. Or

Calla Lily Cake Wedding 2010

Calla Lily Cake WeddingDécor & Centerpieces: Once again, perform a similar search as above using the singular term as well as the plural. When you find one (or several) that you like, print out the picture and take to your florist. You'll be amazed at how many gorgeous, yet different, wedding bouquet pictures are available. Now, in the search bar type in "Calla Lily Bouquet" and hit enter (also

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ladybug Birthday Invitation and Ladybug Cupcake toppers - stickers

Polkadots and little black spots that's what ladybugs are made of!
I am amazed by the cute ladybug outfits that my customers send in for me to make into invitations. This sweet little girl's photo inspired this Ladybug Birthday design with all the polkadots in the background of the photo. She is really as cute as a bug!! I made this design new this week. It has a whole matching set with cupcake topper/ sticker circles, cupcake wrappers, party hat and thank you card! See my designs at http://www.myartbylynnette.biz/birthday-girl.html

Elegant Wedding Cakes 2010

Elegant Wedding Cakes You could Frost the cake in a cream color and have scattered fondant or gum paste "leaves" in autumnal hues tumbling down the sides of each tier. A falling leaf motif would be lovely for a fall wedding cake. Choose a cake flavor such as a spice cake that complements the pumpkin design. maybe with the groom's face "carved" into it! Since the groom's cake is usually made with

Redneck Wedding Cakes 2010

Redneck Wedding Cakes Each episode showcases two real life weddings, and they touch on all of the high points, from the gown and bridal jewelry to the décor to custom cakes and the Brides who are looking for inspiration for their weddings will find it in Whose Wedding is it Anyway?, which is a program about wedding planners and the couples that hire them. This is the one wedding show that even

Cup Cake Wedding Cakes 2010

Cup Cake Wedding CakesIt would not be hard for you to find a box that would fit the theme of the occasion; you can find solid boxes There are some that personally design cup cake boxes to serve as souvenirs. Wedding cupcakes are an excellent idea to add decoration and style to a wedding reception. These are commonly used during weddings. You can either decorate the box yourself or leave it as it

Wedding Cake Toppers 2010

Wedding Cake ToppersThe figures might represent a bride and groom standing at the alter, Some figurines are made of porcelain, some from resin or plastic, and some are custom made by the cake creator from fondant or gum paste. Figurine's range in styles from very romantic and elegant to vary zany. Another style of cake topper is the figurine. These designs include wedding bells, doves, hearts,

Lego Birthday Cake 2010

Lego Birthday CakeLego Party Ideas. Kids just love having their faces painted and they will not care that you have a different sponge for each color. Keep it simple i.e. You will obviously need to check that the child has no allergies and don't paint over open cuts. When they arrive offer to paint their face. As Lego is such a colorful theme, you can ask the guests to dress up in different colors

Barney Birthday Cake 2010

Barney Birthday Cake To get started, here are a few ideas to include in each party bag: Barney whistles, a miniature plush Barney or Baby Bop. Barney and Baby Bop Party Favors: Your party favors should incorporate things that you did at the party, so be creative in your thinking. The kids will be thrilled to get to actually play out these games. A great idea is to use the games they play on the

60th Birthday Cake Ideas 2010

60th Birthday CakeFlying experiences such as pleasure flights, balloon flights, vintage flying or even 60th birthday presents can also include something exciting and thrilling, since this is the age to add some extra spice to life. If the birthday boy/girl has planned to spend more time gardening, then gardening gift packs to grow salad leaves, tea or coffee, daisies, herbs, cactus plants,

50th Birthday Cake Ideas 2010

Luxury 50th Birthday CakeYou The next item you'll want to think about when it comes to expenses is how much to spend on theme party decorations. After all, if the party's not "hopping" then you might have trouble keeping your guests around for the duration of the party. If you do go with a DJ, make sure you know ahead of time what kind of music the guest of honor prefers, but also the kind of

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Turtle Invitation -Turtle Fun birthday invitation

Turtle Fun birthday invitation is the brand new design for today. The colors can be changed and it can be worded for any age birthday. Turtle fun for boy's or a girl's birthday. You can see the design at http://www.myartbylynnette.biz/birthday-boy-page-2.html
Below is a new design with a sea turtle invitation too. The name of the below design is Sea Turtle Fun

When I was little, about 9 years old, my cousin Valerie and I had a turtle club. We had matching turtle rings and made up turtle club member cards. There was a place in Arnonld's Park, Iowa called the Curio Castle where we would often ride our bikes on summer afternoons. The Curio Castle had a museum in the back with a huge sea turtle that was real but stuffed on display. It was over 6 feet long.  It was cool to go and look at it.

We also would find live turtles on the lakes of Okaboji that we would catch and hold. My favorite were the painted turtles. If we were really quiet we could catch one sunning himself on the rocks.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Zebra Baby Shower Invitation

When I was about 12 years old my dad took me to the Sioux Falls Great Plains Zoo where I saw my first zebras. I loved the zebras with their beautiful patterns. I always took lots of photo of them.

Today's new design is called Zebra Cradle a baby shower invitation. It has a cute baby zebra peeking out of its cradle at the big world. Complete with a zebra print border, zebra stripe diaper pins and rattle. I hope you like this zebra invitation as much as I do.  You may change the wording to be anything that you like and the colors can also be changed. See more zebra baby shower invitations atwww.myartbylynnette.biz

Also available are thank you cards in the zebra design and baby shower items shown below. Baby shower candy bar wrapper in the zebra cradle design. Cupcake toppers or 2 inch party circles to be used for stickers or envelope seals with the zebra cradle design. Baby shower word scramble game in the zebra cradle design too. 

Nemo Birthday Cakes 2010

Nemo Birthday CakesOnce You can either find a frosting recipe online or you can buy a few tubs of frosting from the store. Now that you have you beautiful orange or blue cake you will want to make up some frosting. However, if you do not want to add food coloring to the cake mix you can simple add it to the frosting. A white cake mix will look a lot better with food coloring then a chocolate cake

Frog Birthday Cake 2010

Frog Birthday CakeIf you check your local post office, Grab a simple roll of frog stickers from a stationary store or cheap online auction, and plaster them on the envelopes and fliers. Send them out in green envelopes. Cover your invite with beautiful frogs, flies, and lilies. Frog themed birthday party invitations can easily be made up to look like fliers, listing the party's date and time in

Sesame Street Birthday Cakes 2010

Sesame Street Birthday CakesGood menu choices are peanut butter and jelly When the child pops the balloon, they win the prize. A good way to provide entertainment while the children are waiting for all the guests to arrive, and during the down times when the children who are "out" are just popping in a Sesame Street movie, or printing Sesame Street coloring pages and letting the children color

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dog Shaped Birthday Cake 2010

Dog Shaped Birthday CakeIf children will be attending it may be fun to have a piñata in a You can use streamers, balloons, and piñatas filled with healthy dog treats for the canine crew. It's great to also bake or buy a cake for the humans in attendance so everyone is included. Many pet stores have cake mixes especially for dogs.Dog Shaped Birthday CakeCorral - The famous song, "How Much is that

Homemade Birthday Cakes 2010

Homemade Birthday Cakes FruitsThis is a really nice cake and is really quick and not that hard to make start at the bottom and work your self up to the top. Now take the string and bring them up to the cakes and tape each one underneath. The ribbon can be left long as you can always trim it up later. You will need a really long piece of string for each cake that you have made.Homemade Birthday

Monkey Birthday Cake 2010

Monkey Birthday Cake They come in a bounty of designs with pink and blue Kids love pasting them on schoolbags, refrigerators and in their rooms. Go 'bananas' with Mod Monkey Stickers as part of the party giveaways! Crayons also make wonderful party favors; available in several colors, they are safe and are non toxic. Mod monkey party favors like these can light up the faces of children. Watch

Roaring 1920's Birthday Invitation

Throw a Roaring 20's Birthday with these invitations. I made this design today for a teen's birthday party. A fun flapper girl with a touch of an art deco border are paired with the whispy peacock feather for a 1920's theme. This 1920's Flapper Girl invitation is also fun for 30th birthday parties and for bachelorette parties!

 Above are the matching 2 inch party circles to be used for flapper girl cupcake toppers, gift tags, party favor tags or straw toppers. Available for $7.50 with your name added to the design and a printable file e-mailed to you.

I was so busy making this design and my daughter kept asking me if I was done yet. So I stopped working on this and remembered my real focus. To work at home to be near my children. My children are the real driving force behind this business. So I can be there for the and watch them grow up. When I took a break, we went into the kitchen for a snack. I watched in amazement as my 6yr old, for the first time, made a recipe for flat bread dough all on her own. She said, "Mom, don't help me. I know how to do it." And she did.  I was only needed to cook them on the hot skillet and she did everything else. I would have missed this if I had been away at some office working. I am so thankful for being able to work near my children so I don't miss their accomplishments. Thank you to everyone for looking at my designs and please share my website with everyone you know who is planning a party!

Best Wishes,

PS. this is the other design with the Roaring 20's theme. Which one do you like best?

Roaring 20's New Years Eve Invitation for a fun flapper girl and gangster celebration. You may change the words to be anything that you like. http://www.myartbylynnette.biz/birthday-adult.html to order.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Train Birthday Cake 2010

Train Birthday CakeSo your kids love trains huh? For instance, for a train themed party, you want to consider buying or renting the following items: Toy trains on tracks Colorful train pinata Conductor bandannas and hats Train themed movie Train cake pan and or cookie cutters As you are thinking of getting the party supplies for your kid's party, ensure that you You can also decide to stick with

Cow Jumps over the Moon Baby Shower Invitation

When I was in 4-H, we had a dairy cow called Honey. She was a sweet Jersey with soft fur and big brown eyes. Honey was such a gentle and loving animal. She would always give you a lick hello as a greeting. These Cow Jumped over the Moon baby shower invitations will be charming for your baby shower. http://www.myartbylynnette.biz/baby-shower-page-5.html

I can change the color of the cow and the borders too.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ladybug Birthday Cake 2010

Ladybug Birthday CakeWhoever discovers it When they're done, everyone comes back in the room, and tries to find it. Have everyone leave the room, while one person stays behind and hides a plastic bug. You could also try a game called 'hide the bug'. The closest one is the winner. Have the little bugs (children) pick up one antenna, and try to pin it on one of the ladybugs antennas, while

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Balloons and Buggy Baby Shower or Birth Announcement

The first outing with a new baby is such a joy as illustrated on this Balloons and Buggy Baby Shower/ Birth announcement card. The wording can me changed to fit your type of baby party. So string up your balloons and get ready for a fun baby shower in honor of the new mother-to-be!

Birthday Cakes to Make 2010

Birthday Cakes to Make Here are a few ideas to get you started: Girls-onies, big cupcake, handbags, jewellery box, princess, fairies, castle, Barbie, flowers, butterflies Boys - Cars, bikes, rockets, dinosaurs, sport, trains, trucks, fire engines, surfing, skateboards, guitars, airplanes, skull and crossbones, pirates Unisex. Animals of any type (snakes, frogs, lady beetles, bugs, lions, tigers,

Dr Seuss Birthday Cakes 2010

Dr Seuss Birthday CakesThemes for a baby girl Or maybe a unisex cake is needed if the gender of the baby is a surprise. Are you buying for a baby boy or girl? Once you know your budget, let the fun of picking out the cake theme begin! The more contributions you collect the bigger the cake you can buy. The three tier is a good gift from a group of co-workers or friends. The most popular three tier

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Football Birthday Invitations

Does your little boy or girl love football? Show off your star quarterback on this photo football invitation. You can change the wording to be anything you like and for any football player position. This cute football birthday invitation can be made custom to your favorite team! If you would like to see the face more the face guard on the helmet can be removed too. Helmet design can be matched to your team's helmet. Order your football invitation here!

Child Birthday Cakes in Olympia Washington 2010

Child Birthday Cakes in Olympia WashingtonThis eventually leads to a confidence and ability to decorate even the most elaborate of wedding cakes. There are two ways to accomplish this goal, the first and most successful is to obtain professional qualifications. Buy It goes without saying there is no alternative for butter. It pays to use the best quality ingredients, customers eventually forget

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Albertsons Birthday Cakes 2010

Albertsons Birthday CakesIf you do agree, then I have a question: What Would you agree that repeat customers are at the heart of every successful business? What's Your Plan? and it DOES! Of course it should. Shouldn't that indicate there's at least a better than average chance it'd work for you too? So if you see a marketing program being used by close to 100% of the world's most successful

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cool Birthday Cakes Ideas 2010

Cool Birthday Cakes IdeasFrom How cool is that? You could even let the guests decorate their own cupcake. Cupcakes can be done in a myriad of ways. Another great idea for a party is a cupcake theme. A tea set would be amazing to go along with the cake. I would have everyone dress up in their best fluffy dress and have elbow length gloves as party favors. And a Barbie theme is especially fun as a

How to Make Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake 2010

How to Make Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake Your daughter simply loves Dora the Explorer. Swiper the It will be fun at the party and the kids will be excited that they get to take something so cool home with them. Purple Backpacks: See if you can find some Dora backpacks, or any backpack for that matter and fill it with supplies that they're going to need when they go exploring. They'll

Birthday Cake of Dora the Explorer 2010

Birthday Cake of Dora the ExplorerThe party goers can be blindfolded and pin the back pack on Dora (rather than the tail on the donkey) the one who pins it on the best gets to choose a prize Dora Party Activities Print a photo of Dora and several backpacks, and take them to be enlarged and laminated. You can even pick up the cake a couple of days early and freeze it to save time. Just look around

Dora Birthday Cake 2010

Dora Birthday CakeDisney Any Disney gift can be exciting for girls because there are not many that do not love Disney. Then there are the treasured Disney Princess baskets which please everyone. You can find many different Dora the Explorer baskets online and many include puzzles and coloring books that are sure to be hit. Gift baskets for young ladies under eight include Dora the Explorer

Dora Birthday Cakes 2010

Dora Birthday CakesChildren love the character Dora's cake is meaningful at least, the celebration will be more interesting on their part because of Dora. Once the kids saw the cake placed on the table, they can have fun in talking about it with their peers. Sometimes, the kids also look for something new and right now Dora is the most famous. Cinderella or pirate Cakes are already common. This

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bee and Sunflower Baby Shower Invitation

We were out walking the other day in Colorado Springs when my girls spotted the most beautiful wild sunflower growing next to a fence. I snapped a photo and that flower is now the inspiration for this Bee and Sunflower Baby Shower invitation design. I wanted to get a photo with the girls standing by the sunflowers but the bees were also enjoying the sunflowers and I didn't want them to get stung. You can change the wording to bee anything that you like :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake 2010

Minnie Mouse Birthday CakeIf you have more cake decorating skills then consider purchasing a These cake toppers make a great toy afterwards too! You can simply put a layer of white icing on the top and place cake toppers on the top. If you want to make the cake yourself but don't have great decorating skills don't be worried. As well, a store bought cake will usually be more expensive then the

Pics of Coolest Mickey Mouse Birthday Cakes 2010

Pics of Coolest Mickey Mouse Birthday CakesCut out a large Mickey's head shape out of black poster board with a very large sign that says "Welcome to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!" and and stuffed Have bunches of helium filled balloons as well as plenty of air filled balloons floating around the party floor. This idea works especially well for a toddler party Decorations: For Mickey Mouse party

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Ideas 2010

Mickey Mouse Birthday CakeAre you throwing a Mickey Mouse birthday party? Theme cakes are really easy to make and you can find loads of resources on the Internet. Use black and white dye to paint the rodent's face. For you birthday cake try the old mouse face cake. Then you need matching Mouse food. For topping other cakes and some desserts you can also use miniature Disney characters. Some have

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cakes 2010

Mickey Mouse Birthday CakesSince Mickey and his friends are world famous cartoon characters and It makes it easier to plan a party when you have a guest count. Fill out the party information on the inside of the cards and be sure to include an RSVP date and phone number. To add a creative and personal touch, why not take a picture of the birthday celebrant in a pair of Mickey Mouse ears and paste

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake 2010

Mickey Mouse Birthday CakeIt is a great idea to arrange a cartoon theme based birthday celebration. Various When it is decorated with Barney's colorful candles it looks amazing. It has colorful pictorials showing how to do the icing on it. They come with a Barney cake pan which has detailed instructions for baking a perfect birthday cake.Mickey Mouse Birthday CakeBarney birthday cakes are simply

Rabbit Birthday Cake 2010

Rabbit Birthday CakeThis becomes your idea board and will Again, limit the time to say 10 minutes. Once you've agreed on a theme, write the theme in the middle of a large sheet of paper and brainstorm again about what that theme might look like brought to life as a party. Next, use the list to narrow down the possibilities of what you can actually accomplish. Set a time limit for the

Rabbit Birthday Cakes 2010

Rabbit Birthday CakesBefore you cast the date in stone, call the entertainer you want at the party, check their schedule, and decide on Check out their friends and other family members whether they can attend and what may work for them. Pick a few dates that you would like to have your party, and then check your child's activity schedule. Weekday, after school parties are becoming more and more

Cow Birthday Cakes 2010

Cow Birthday CakesThis some sample for birtday cake kids, likes cow birthday cake. They are a crowd favorite and perfect for family barbeques or local church These have multiple entrances and come in various sizes. Inflatable come with very catchy designs and Burger inflatable are one of them. Jumping inside a Burger Thanks to these creative inflatable, kids can now say they had fun inside a

Cow Birthday Cake 2010

Cow Birthday CakeWrap that Red Bandana around and click the Dress the birthday boy or girl in a full Horse Costume. Don't forget the Cowboy Hats! Just like in carnivals from yesteryear, kids put their head through the hole and smile, smile, smile. Be sure to take some photos with the kids seating in the John Deere Tractor Stand-in.Cow Birthday CakeWatch those kids eyes open wide when they come

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas 2010

Birthday Cake DecoratingA cat, dog or fish shaped cake is fairly simple to prepare with some Animal cakes are another great idea-chances are you have a family pet or your child has picked out a favorite animal from a trip to the zoo. You can also make the siren lights out of icing or use a plastic add-on. Icing the cake would again require lots of red icing and some white and brown icing from a

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Elmo Birthday Cakes 2010

Elmo Birthday Cakes Imagine how amazed your guest can be including parents and their kids, and After all, its your child birthday party! Whichever craft or party decoration that your kids can join and have fun together, let him/her to participate too. Elmo Birthday Party Decoration If your kids are obsessed with Sesame Street, throwing out a party decoration is definitely something your kids will

Over The Hill Birthday Cakes 2010

Over the Hill Birthday CakesThere may be embarrassing moments with decorations, games, food and gag gifts that are very funny but they all play to the person getting old. Before putting together an Over the Hill 50th Birthday party you need to be assured the birthday celebrant has a good sense of humor and will be okay with this type of theme. Here are tips how to put together a great "Over the

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