Sunday, September 19, 2010

Turtle Invitation -Turtle Fun birthday invitation

Turtle Fun birthday invitation is the brand new design for today. The colors can be changed and it can be worded for any age birthday. Turtle fun for boy's or a girl's birthday. You can see the design at
Below is a new design with a sea turtle invitation too. The name of the below design is Sea Turtle Fun

When I was little, about 9 years old, my cousin Valerie and I had a turtle club. We had matching turtle rings and made up turtle club member cards. There was a place in Arnonld's Park, Iowa called the Curio Castle where we would often ride our bikes on summer afternoons. The Curio Castle had a museum in the back with a huge sea turtle that was real but stuffed on display. It was over 6 feet long.  It was cool to go and look at it.

We also would find live turtles on the lakes of Okaboji that we would catch and hold. My favorite were the painted turtles. If we were really quiet we could catch one sunning himself on the rocks.


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