Thursday, June 30, 2011

15 Birthday Cakes | Fifteen Birthday Cake Ideas

celebrate your 15 birthday party with creative 15 Birthday Cakes? then here you can find some birthday cakes that you can make a gift or party.Simple White Sweet 15 Birthday CakesAntique Cinthya 15 Birthday CakesAttractive Sweet Princess 15 Birthday CakesPink Sweet 15 Birthday Cakes IdeasFor a teenage girl, it is only a delightful experience to be given a sweet fifteen birthday party! This is the

Monday, June 27, 2011

3 photo Ladybug Birthday Party

Have a super fun ladybug birthday party with this easy to use printable invitation. Just e-mail me your 3 photos with your party info and I e-mail back a printable jpeg file with everything added. Then just upload to any one-hour photo lab to print your 4x6 size prints for only .10 cents each. A fantastic way to get cute custom invitations at an affordable price!!

Print out the matching party items for a super cute party for your favorite little girl. Available are party hat, party favor bag, banner, cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels and candy bar wrappers. Then print and play a fun pin the spot on the ladybug game!! All

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes | Sweet 16 Birthday Cake Ideas

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake should be light colors such as beige, pink, yellow and peach. Blue and lilac and lavender hues can also be used. The colors and cake design should match the theme of the party. Sweet 16 Birthday Cakes PicturesA multilevel cake with fondant decorations of flowers pink or peach is great for parties with a theme costume ball. Celebrant is to look like a princess with a pink

2nd Birthday Cakes

The celebration of the 2nd and 3rd Birthday is definitely a children's birthday! Children understand what happens when it comes to their birthdays and are able to communicate their enthusiasm. "My birthday?", "For me?", "Tomorrow?" is all that is heard for days before the event! Believe it or not, the first party your child will be easier to throw parties.Creative 2nd Birthday CakesSet up a

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Birthday Cake | First Birthday Cake Ideas 2011 | First Birthday Cake Recipes | First Birthday Cake Topper

First Birthday Cake PopsThere are online birthday cakes offered by various companies. One of the most reputable companies that offer wedding cakes and birthday cakes Cake2go from the UK. On their website you can view all of their pies, which you can choose from a variety of events. This makes the whole process of ordering cakes much easier: you can watch as many as you like, admiring the pictures

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Delicious Chocolate Mousse Cake, Special Chocolate Mousse Cake, Chocolate Mousse Cake Pictures, Chocolate Mousse Cake Ideas

Delicious Chocolate Mousse CakeUnique Chocolate Mousse Cake PictureChocolate Mousse Cake PictureSpecial Chocolate Mousse Cake

Delicious Chocolate Cream Filling , Chocolate Cream Filling Slice Images, Delicious Cake Ideas

Delicious Chocolate Cream Filling Pie SuDelicious Chocolate Cream Filling Chocolate Cream Filling ImageChocolate Cream Filling Slice Image

Monday, June 20, 2011

Halloween Wedding Cake | Halloween Wedding Cake Toppers 2011 | Halloween Wedding Cake Ideas | Halloween Wedding Cake Designs

Halloween Wedding Cake KnifeYou will see that the pumpkins are used well beyond Halloween around the world. If you prefer, you can cook three minutes before four floors in the shape of pumpkins. In addition to the pumpkins you can also add some leaves and spiders, to give a feeling more disturbing. For the wedding cake toppers for Halloween can be scary to look like two ghosts, the bride and

Fountain Wedding Cake | Fountain Wedding Cake Designs 2011 | Fountain Wedding Cake Ideas | Fountain Wedding Cake Pictures

Fountain Wedding Cake CakesYou can look at portable fountain to get an idea of ​​what it will look a cake. This fountain cake must be greater than the area you plan to use for your presentation cake. You will also have a pretty good idea of ​​how many guests will start to cake together. Once you have this information and have a better idea of ​​the size and type of fountain you want the remaining

Traditional Wedding Cake | Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers 2011 | Traditional Wedding Cake Recipe | Traditional Wedding Cake Flavors

Traditional Wedding Cake CharmsYou do not have a traditional lawn mower that you see everywhere, you have a humorous or novelty cake toppers. You can even custom topper that can be designed to look like a bride and groom, and that is something the guests will have a long talk after the event, and every time you look at the photographs, will remember the excitement generated

Kate and Justin Bieber

There's alot of girls out there who love Justin Bieber. So who does Kate want on her birthday cake, you got it. This is a vanilla cake with buttercream icing and serves 25 people. Happy Birthday Kate! Thanks Jill.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sweet elephant baby shower invitations will be adored by everyone for your next baby shower. This cute little elephant brings joy to all who see him.  Print this invitation at home on your own printer and save $ or print at a one-hour photo lab for fast and professional invitations.  Available at

This is a brand new design today so your baby shower will be a unique one of a kind celebration. Not sold in any stores.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Buffalos in Yellowstone Park Wyoming

We had the good fortune to visti Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and Montana this April 30th. The buffalo are amazing to see here. The buffalo walk right past your car through the park. We even saw some baby buffalo only a few hours old walking along the road following the mother. The buffalo are so huge, silent and fearless. They look right at your with their big brown eyes. They walked so close to our car we could have put our hand out to pet them - but we didn't. As they walk along you only hear the sound of their hooves hitting the pavement. The snow was still on the ground in Yellowstone park. So the areas that the snow was melted had very short grass as the buffalo had eaten it so short.

Ladybugs in the Grass Birthday Invitation

One of my loyal customers requested this design for her daughter's first birthday party. A fun summer design for a pool party with a ladybug theme. You may change the wording on the design to be anything you like and for any age birthday party.

We found a ladybug the other day walking on the sidewalk by the park. She walked on our hands for a few minutes and then fluttered along on her happy way. My kids always enjoy finding a ladybug :)

You can order this design for printing at a one-hour photo lab or at home at this link. www.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chocolate Ganache Cake Ideas, Chocolate Ganache Cake Picture, Chocolate Ganache Cake With Strawberry

Unique Chocolate Ganache Cake Ideas For Your Birthday parties or wedding partiesChocolate Ganache Cake the simple PictureChocolate Ganache Cake With Strawberry

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thomas and James

Thomas and James.. this is our first time to draw James.. last time it was all Thomas.. and this lovely cakes are for Zakwan's 6th birthday... Hope the birthday boy loves this.. thanks :)

Hantaran Merisik

Another repeat order from Kak Na.. but this time it's for majlis merisik.. yeyy!! some one is getting married.. congrats kak na for getting another menantu.. insyaAllah.. and hope everyone loves the cake..

hello kitty

We love this hello kitty cake for Deena Natasha, it is simple yet very cute.. later we need to improve in getting it much more nicer and smoother, insyaAllah

Wall Climber!

Nomi ordered this cake for irma surprise birthday party and want it to look like a wall climber in action.. and hanging.. how should we do it? at first, we are quite blur.. but then, we remembered the DC cupcakes style of attaching their cupcakes on any shape of what ever thing they want. then we start making some frame to hold the cakes.. then come the tricky part.. to make the cupcakes hold on

Ben 10 cutout cake

We took quite a while to create this.. at first we are not willing to accept it as it was quite last minute. anyway, it's a challenge and after much consideration we decide to do it this way as this cake will go through a long journey to Kuantan so it can stay firm till it reach the destination. hopefully the client loves the cake and understand our concern to get the best and make them happy

Eija's 27th birthday

This cake was ordered for Eija on her 27th birthday.. hope she loves it.. thanks :)

mickey and minnie

mickey and minnie cake again.. and this time its for Dania again.. for her birthday party at the nursery

princess cake

This cake was ordered for Diana as her birthday cake.. we purchased the lovely deco for the cake thru our friend staying in US (Kak Zan, thanks kak Zan). when we deliver it, the kids was so excited.. That expression really tell it all and we are happy with it. :)

Hippo is engaged

What a lovely theme.. that is what we had in mind once we received the order.. but, looking at it, it's a bit naughty is it? this set was ordered by the family member for the one celebrated. 2 lovely hippo.. Hope they love it and we are quite satisfied with the hippos.. :)

Handy-Grandpa-man cake

Dila and Mad ordered this cake for their father on his birthday. he is a handy man.. loves to 'bertukang' and DIY everything at home.. hopefully this cake meet their expectation and hope they like it. thanks!

hantaran bunga-bunga

sorry lama tak update.. banyak benda berlaku sepanjang 2 minggu ni.. anyway, enjoy our collection of cakes for these past 2 week.. this one is a hantaran bunga-bunga with purple and pink theme..

Cherry Chocolate Cake | Cherry Chocolate Cake Recipe | Cherry Chocolate Cake Mix Recipe | Cherry Chocolate Cake From Scratch 2011

Cherry Chocolate Cake FrostingSome of the options you get jello cake recipe, but you will among them, one of the best, choice cherry chocolate. This will be a very simple recipe a little effort on your part to do, but people will be impressed with how moist and tasty it appears. Just be sure you have a few pieces of important information to keep it in mind to make everything perfectly

wedding cakes 2011 wallpaper

wedding cakes 2011

wedding cakes 2011 wallpaper

wedding cakes 2011

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

pineapple cake images

pineapple cake

pineapple cake images

pineapple cake

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lightning Mcqueen Cake | Lightning Mcqueen Cake Pan | Lightning Mcqueen Cake Topper | Lightning Mcqueen Cake Pops

Lightning Mcqueen Cake Pan 3DYou may have several cakes for the right combination of shapes to get it. Use a square pan elementary forms of blocks. Use a round cake pan, for smoother, rounded edges. By cutting a round cake in half and turning on its side, you can build a car with a tank round. Remember, if you're any type of cake You will have to grease it thoroughly, so the cake can be easily

Scooby Doo Cake Pan | Scooby Doo Cake Pan Walmart | Scooby Doo Cake Pan Instructions | Scooby Doo Cake Pan Wilton

Scooby Doo Character Cake PanImagine being fired if your child has a Scooby Doo or Mickey Mouse cake for her birthday. I am sure that the joy on his face could not say anything. Well, to a cake of great imagination and is easy and using the character cake pans can be adjusted. They form that you can decorate in any way to figure out how to create appropriate and interesting, not to get

Pikachu Cake | Pikachu Cake Pan | Pikachu Cake Pops | Pikachu Cake Topper 2011

Pikachu Cake TemplateWhat in the world is a Pokemon? Well, if you do not know now you do not talk to one of the millions of children worldwide. They love this mythical creature that the model of the wind, fire and other natural elements. They have a friend to man, a boy named Ash with big dreams. Your children will share those dreams where you Pokemon Birthday Party Supplies.Pikachu Cake

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Strawberry Marble Cake | Strawberry Marble Cake Recipe | Strawberry Marble Cake Scratch | Strawberry Marble Cake Calories 2011

Strawberry Marble Pound CakeOne can choose cake of their individual choice to celebrate the occasion. There are many varieties of cakes available. The type of cake includes chocolate cake like chocolate rum cake, fudge cake with orange and chocolate cake. All chocolate cake chocolate soft exotic rum, a few orange and bark. Other types of cakes are pineapple cake, pineapple and raisins cake made

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Curious George Birthday Cake | Curious George Birthday Cake Ideas 2011 | Curious George Birthday Cake Decorations | Curious George Birthday Cake Pan

Curious George Birthday Cake Recipe It is possible to buy some amazing Curious George products in high street stores and online stores. This includes DVD-video, books, posters, toys, bedding, clothing, accessories and of course, Curious George cake for little boys and girls.Curious George Birthday Cake BuyIf your little boy or girl is a fan of Curious George, it's a great idea that their

Key Lime Cake | Key Lime Cake Recipe 2011 | Key Lime Cake Paula Deen | Key Lime Cake From Scratch

Key Lime Cake MixMany people like sweets and snacks to eat or make them and serve them at home or bring them with me during participation in special events, pot luck dinners and various social events. Creating a recipe for jelly cake is simple, they do not really take that much time to prepare. Some of them will be dismissed, while others may not baking recipes. The best thing about them that

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake | Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Ideas | Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Pictures | Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Toppers

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Photo SharingNext is the decor or color scheme. Children love the bright colors and crisp. Partner Minnie Mouse is famous for its red dress with polka dots and arrows. You can decorate your home or office party in the colors black, red and black. Now Disney's Minnie Mouse is usually the darling of the girls. The guys do not like the idea. So unless there is an all girls

Girls 1st Birthday Cake | Girls 1st Birthday Cake Ideas 2011 | Girls 1st Birthday Cake Designs | Girls 1st Birthday Cake Recipes

Baby Girls 1st Birthday Cake IdeasStick to the issue? Probably the most popular choice of parents in the choice of birthday cake to go with a child who is the subject he chose for the party. Winnie the Pooh, Sesame Street, Blues and Legends of Prince and Princess are some of the most popular.Twin Girls 1st Birthday Cake IdeasMake the cake Baby Star Many bakeries can now take a photo and enter a

anime strawberry cake wallpaper

anime strawberry cake wallpaper

Gumball Birthday invitation

 Goody, Goody, Gumballs birthday party invitations will please your little one on her or his birthday! Great for any age child who loves gumballs. Colors can be adjusted to match your theme. This is a new design today!

Available at

Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Cakes Latest Designs - Princess Cakes

Happy Birthday Cakes Latest Designs

Birthday Wishes & Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday Cakes Latest Designs

Happy Birthday Cakes

black forest german cakes pics

 black forest german cake black forest german cake black forest german cake black forest german cake black forest german cake black forest german cake black forest german cakeblack forest german cake

black forest german cakes pics

 black forest german cake
 black forest german cake
 black forest german cake
 black forest german cake
 black forest german cake
 black forest german cake
 black forest german cake
black forest german cake

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brownie Ice Cream Cake | Brownie Ice Cream Cake Recipe | Brownie Ice Cream Cake Recipe Easy | Brownie Ice Cream Cake Betty Crocker

Brownie Ice Cream Cake HomemadeI like chocolate brownies, but we can not really in France. You can get something like pastry, a slice of chocolate cake that tastes delicious dark chocolate, dense melts in your mouth, but he has this combination of gooey center dry, crispy outside and soft that so irresistible is a brownie.Brownie Ice Cream Cake IngredientsWhy can not I buy my own and brownies are

Peppermint Ice Cream Cake | Peppermint Ice Cream Cake Family Circle | Peppermint Ice Cream Cake Recipe 2011 | Peppermint Ice Cream Cake Cooking Light

Peppermint Ice Cream Cake Cooking Light RecipePeppermint Pinwheel Cookies are delicious and look great. Many people are intimidated by the terms and never try to make pinwheel cookies. In fact, the technology is very simple - you make a delicious mint pinwheel cookies reasons. All cookie recipes for the basic elements: two parts flour, one part fat one part sugar, flour, cup, and some baking

Homemade Ice Cream Cake | Homemade Ice Cream Cake Recipe | Homemade Ice Cream Cake With Ice Cream Sandwiches | Homemade Ice Cream Cake Like Dairy Quee

Homemade Ice Cream Cake Ideas"Are you sure you do not want me to pick a cake in the ice cream shop?" I asked my 25 year old son on the phone. He whines like a three year old. "You try to talk to me every year, Mom. I want you to give me ice cream cake for my birthday. I want a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. I have told all the boys in the band how great it is. C'mon Mom! He said all his

Carvel Ice Cream Cake | Carvel Ice Cream Cake Coupon 2011 | Carvel Ice Cream Cake Recipe | Carvel Ice Cream Cake Calories

Carvel Ice Cream Cake IngredientsCarvel Ice Cream is a company that specializes in family fun for everyone and offers a selection of freshly baked cakes, novelties and fountain ice. This all-American favorite is the first country in the retail ice cream franchise, and is also one of the most popular and best known names in the ice cream. Carvel ice cream fresh daily for over 75 years and is the

New Stylish Cakes pics

 Stylish Cake  Stylish Cake   Stylish Cake       Stylish Cake   Stylish Cake Stylish Cake

New Stylish Cakes pics

 Stylish Cake
  Stylish Cake
  Stylish Cake
  Stylish Cake
  Stylish Cake
Stylish Cake

Beautiful Wedding Cakes pics

  "nicole ha" flowers pink cake  "nicole ha" flowers pink cake Beautiful cake  "v3 weddings & events" cake brown candles decor reception details i do letters cutting lighting reception cake brown monogram

Beautiful Wedding Cakes pics

  "nicole ha" flowers pink cake
  "nicole ha" flowers pink cake
 Beautiful cake
  "v3 weddings & events" cake brown candles decor reception details i do letters cutting lighting
 reception cake brown monogram

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Logan's Mickey Mouse Cake

Kalah had a cute idea in her head for Logan's cake for us to go by and with a little bit of switching around the colors it looks so cute! The top layer is strawberry cake, the second layer is a combo of yellow and chocolate cake and the bottom layer is yellow cake, iced with buttercream icing. The Mickey Mouse heads are made from our modeling chocolate and the ears and #1 are made from royal

Monkey See Birthday invitation with 3 photos

Monkey See, Monkey Do, Monkey fun on your birthday too!
Super cute layout with three photos. Now show everyone all the cute faces your little monkey can make.
Monkey birthday invitations at a price that will make you smile. You may change the color of the border and dots and you may also change the wording to be anything that you like. Order your printable file today at

Also available matching Monkey See pin the tail on the monkey game shown below. I have many more pin the tail games on my website.

Nigella Chocolate Cake Photo Sharing, Nigella Chocolate Cake Recipes

Nigella Chocolate Cake PhotoGrain Lawson software. It took me two bowls, not counting food processor blender and I, and cake pans Tuesday I cooked it into little about it, he says. Cake rarely takes five minutes to mix, you have something to it while it bakes and then the glorious creation in your own kitchen, all donations welcome weekend.Nigella Chocolate Cake IdeasThose who remain convinced

Friday, June 3, 2011

Anniversary Cakes | Anniversary Cakes Pictures 2011 | Anniversary Cakes Ideas | Anniversary Cakes 50th

Anniversary Cakes RecipesApart from gifts, candy production and flower is more common for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, birthdays and events. By using the mouth is also a good way to show their respect and love for the person or persons to celebrate a memorable event in their lives. With the Internet the way is easy enough to send online cakes to friends and acquaintances with the

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

No More Monkeys Jumpin' On The Bed

This is a vanilla cake with buttercream icing and serves 25. Congrats on the new baby and we wish you well.

Chocolate Fudge | Chocolate Fudge Recipe 2011 | Chocolate Fudge Frosting | Chocolate Fudge cake

Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes Everyone has people in her life, know they are not very good, but during the holidays or other event, you want to give them a small gift to say: "I'm thinking at this time", "Thank you for just about ',' Welcome to the neighborhood "or" Thank you for the work they do. " It may be older, single people in your neighborhood or community, the people you work with, letter

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