Friday, October 31, 2008

New Stationary Sets

Spread some joy and cheer with my new stationary sets. The above image is a stationary sheet of the Star Bunny design that I made today.

I love all the cute illustrations that I have seen on stationary and note cards. Now I am taking the time to make some of my own designs. My goal is to make one or two each day and buld up a large collection of designs. I am really having fun at making these super cute designs. My daughters even have me making up stories to go with each one. Now, I will have to get the stories made into children's books for us to read.

All of the designs will be printable pdfs of a stationary sheet 8.5 x 11, a note card 5.5 x 4.25 folded finished size, an envelope and a page of gift tags. I don't have the time to do all the printing and mailing out of sets so I thought that I would sell the pdf for personal use only and see how that works. If you would like to see a design of your favorite image contact me and I will make one up.

I told my daughter that these designs are going to help us build a new sthapatya veda house. Please purchase a set to help start the new house fund. See all the new designs at

Best wishes,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Mahalakshmi Day

Wishes of prosperity, health, wealth and wisdom to everyone in our world family. We enjoyed a wonderful, warm fall day here.

I finished the painting Rose for Durga on Saturday. I am happy with how the rose turned out but I think I went a little too dark on the right of the background and covered up too much of the lace pattern. I guess next time I will be more careful. I darkened the red on most of the petals and made some of the shadows darker on the left. I did add a bit of yellow to the highlights which made it look much warmer.

Below is how the painting looked with all the lace pattern painted in.
Let me know what you think? Next, I will be making cards of the rose for sale at my etsy shop.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Look on Etsy & Ice Cream Shop Toys

Today I am working on a new look for my Etsy shop with some tips that I got. What do you think I should change to make my shop look better?

Today, my daughter was looking through the toy catalog and wanting to buy a toy ice cream shop. Well, we didn't buy it but we made the toys. I sewed some small scoops of ice cream in different colors and flavors. Pink for strawberry, blue for blueberry, a printed fabric for a scoop with sprinkles on top, a dark red for raspberry, white for vanilla, and yellow for banana. I also cut up an empty water jug, rolled it like a cone, punched holes in it and sewed it with yarn to make toy ice cream cones to put the fabric scoops in. We got our ice cream scooper from the kitchen and had a fun day playing ice cream shop all day long. We will be playing ice cream shop for many weeks to come.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Work on background

On Tuesday, I worked on the background. I was able to finish painting the lace circles on left side. I used three colors, the red, pink and purple to make variations of value in the lace. I also had enough time to draw the lace circles with my pen on the right side. After I finished drawing all the lace on the right I noticed that I had drawn the circles much smaller in scale on that side than on the other. It's funny how things can turn out so different when you work on a painting from one day to the next. When I had drawn the left side lace, I was in a big hurry so the circles got a little big, than on Monday I was much calmer and not so rushed so the drawning was smaller and more detailed. When I was younger, I liked to try to finish a painting in one day so that the painting and drawing would be more uniform in treatment.

The girls were very helpful while I was painting. I put on some of their favorite music and they sang and danced while I painted. My youngest, 2 year old, even put on a performance of her interpretation of a guitar player. She sat in her little chair with the kitchen broom as her instrument. It was so precious how she was moving her little fingers to the music. I wish I had a movie recorder to capture it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A work in progress

The painting is called Rose for Durga. I started painting it on Friday and worked on it some on Saturday to get it to the state that it is now. For the background I have started a lace tablecloth pattern. I am trying to do a little different effect of saving some very light areas for the highlights and going very dark in the shadows to make the flower pop. Usually I would glaze the whole flower like I have on the left side, but I have saved the withe paper the right side with much lighter colors and cooler in hue with more of a purple tint. The left has a warmer color with rich reds, yellow, and oranges. Do you think this is working or should I glaze the whole flower to the same as the left side?

New painting started

I have been wanting to paint some new rose paintings to use on my greeting cards and to brighten up the house. My husband purchased some stunning spray roses that I just had to paint. The frills and folds of the petals jut drew me in and I knew this was the subject om my next painting.

I photographed them in natural sunlight to get some really strong shadows and highlights.

So far I have been working on the painting for two days. My little girls are also inspired by my painting and keep asking me to let them paint too. So I set up their little table with the box of washable paint and let them have fun too.

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