Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ladybugs Everywhere!

In Colorado Springs this year we have a bumper crop of ladybugs! In our backyard we can usually find from 5-10 ladybugs within a few minutes. The girls really love the ladybugs. We got a little ladybug house that is made of mesh that we can put them in to watch them. Every night before bedtime we let all the ladybugs loose.

A few days ago we spent the afternoon drawing the ladybugs by looking at them walk around in the ladybug house. I have a whole page filled with new ladybug drawings. I didn't know that they have so many different spot patterns. Let me know how you like this new drawing of the little bear that loves ladybugs. Ladybug Bear invitations would be so much fun for your next birthday!
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