Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Bunny

I drew this little baby bunny the other night just because she was so cute. She reminds me of the little baby bunny that I caught and held in my garden so many years ago. I hope you like her too. Here is the link

I had been thinking about making a frog two days ago and then yesterday I had a special request for a frog design. I made this funny little tree frog on the left. It's goofy smile makes me smile too. Well it turned out that they wanted a common green frog (on right) so see which one you like best. I am also offering 2 inch thank you stickers that etsy shops can place in their orders. Any design can be made into these 2 inch circles.

Today I finished this design I had been working on of peacock feathers. When I was little, my family went to Minnesota to visit Rodger (one of our relations) who had a pet farm. He had like over 25 types of animals from rabbits to goats to chickens. He even had peacocks and gave us some feathers to take home. The feathers were so beautiful. I hope you like these feathers as much as I do.
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