Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Deer

Thursday we had a snow storm. I hope our little ladybug we saw on Wed. found a warm place to stay out of the storm. Today, Saturday, I saw 3 large female deer run through our front yard. They came and were gone so fast. Running north. They were very fast runners. My daughter kept asking," Where were the deer going?" I hope it was someplace where they could find some food. It was much warmer with about 1/2 of the snow melted.

We played outside in the snow and built a snow bear, instead of a snowman. We also built a snow castle by packing snow into pails and dumping them out to make the walls.

I painted this little picture of my girls floating away on a balloon with pink rabbit. Imagine what fun adventures they will find. Oh, to be free to go travel anywhere you wanted to go explore.


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