Friday, July 29, 2011

Ladybug Buggy Baby Shower invitations

Ladybug Buggy with black and white polka dots design (at top) will please your Mother to be for her baby shower invitations! The sage and pink color combination Ladybug Buggy is also are very popular with mothers and grandmothers who are planning ladybug themed baby showers. The Ladybug Buggy with red and black spots below makes a super cute red ladybug baby shower. You may also choose the Ladybug and Daisy Buggy baby shower invitations below. Available at

Matching ladybug baby shower party items are also available like ladybug baby shower bingo game cards that you can print.(above) Ladybug Buggy baby shower cupcake toppers or thank you tags in 2 inch circles to be cut out with any 2 inch paper punch.


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